• Hi, I'm Holly. I make accessible websites.

    Welcome to my web development & design portfolio, RambutanWeb.

    RambutanWeb offers clean and smart design and development services, specialising in accessibility and design for mobile platforms.

    With a quarter of all web traffic coming from non-desktop platforms, and an increasing number of disabled users accessing the Internet, choosing RambutanWeb for your web project makes sense.

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  • Portfolio

  • Dragos Tea website concept

    September 2013

    commissioned by Dragos Tea

    The concept design for the Dragos Tea website. An associated custom Wordpress theme was created for this, and when the site launches it will be in full use, supporting multiple users, a blog functionality and an online shop. The style was designed to simulate old wood and parchment, with some patterns suggestive of Near East textiles.

  • The Green Room

    January 2012

    commissioned by the University of Surrey

    This site was commissioned by the University of Surrey to promote new student | alumni | staff interaction through means of a campus blog. The theme was designed by Toni Kim and developed by me for a Wordpress multi-user environment, incorporating various media items such as embedded video and audio, and audience-contributed photo galleries.

  • Shape Your Surrey

    June 2012

    commissioned by the University of Surrey

    This website was commissioned in tandem with the Student Union and the National Student Survey, in order to gauge students' attitudes towards the University's operations. The theme was designed in-house, using a block style with bright colours to attract students, and was accompanied by a marketing scheme. It involved a link out to an external survey and a method for downloading a voucher code, and was designed and developed on a short timescale (2 days).

  • Locate Retail

    July 2013

    commissioned by Locate Retail

    This website was coded by me as part of the COmpletely Group, in response to a new niche property practice, who required a simple, attractive and easy to use site. The two goals were: advertising of the practice, and details on how to contact the practice.

  • Oxford Geology Group


    commissioned by Oxford Geology Group

    During the 2011 OGG website revamp, I was called in to transfer the website from a static site to the Wordpress platform. This involved taking the pre-existing design and turning it into a Wordpress theme, and setting categories and functions up so that the Geology Group's committee could edit pages with ease.

  • Surrey Conferences Portfolio Website


    commissioned by Surrey Conferences

    Development work done for Surrey Conferences in 2012. The aim was to promote the conference suites available, integrating 360-degree rotational images into the portfolio.

  • Save Loulle Dinosaur Footprints: Petition Site

    April 2013

    commissioned by Cathrene Rowell

    This website design was made for an academic friend who is attempting to save this historic palaeontological site from damage. Since this is an iconic sauropod trackway, I took a chunky, blocky approach to the design. The site uses one signature colour of varying shades, which signifies your progress along the petition process, and interesting fonts to attract young people as well as dinosaur enthusiasts. The site is a single-page affair, as too many clicks cause a person's interest to start drifting. At the moment the site is awaiting go-ahead from French authorities.

  • Renegade Revolution news website

    January 2014

    commissioned by Renegade Revolution

    This website is a multi-user news site with much interactive functionality. I developed it in Wordpress with a custom theme based on modulated boxes, and custom functionality to allow for the various tasks the team wanted the website to perform. All user-facing controls were optimised for ease of use, and the site is fully responsive, so it can be viewed and read comfortably on all screens, whether desktop, notebook, tablet or mobile. The site can handle multiple users with varying levels of access, and eliminates the need for third-party apps such as Readability, due to its use of user-friendly webfonts.

  • Cambriangirl

    May 2012

    A personal science blog, this site's theme was created in PHP and designed to be ultra-readable and responsive. The central aim is to focus on text, the scientific content of the site, and to this end, emphasis was placed on spacing and font size. A soft aqua theme was chosen to be easier on the eyes.

  • Clients

  • Specialisms

  • Mobile Design

    I strongly believe that media on the web should be available on all platforms. With the advent of responsive design, there is no excuse not to make content viewable on mobile and tablet devices, not to mention notebooks and other screen sizes. It's not just design, but development, as there are a number of ways to code in compatibility with alternative devices. I advocate responsive design rather than designing a different website for mobile than for desktop: this approach uses code snippets that target different devices, browsers and screen sizes, swapping the code itself out when different conditions are met, and altering the layout without changing the content. This means you don't need to replicate information on two separate sites when something changes, you've got the awkward in-between sizes of tablets covered, and there are no cross-compatibility errors.

    Year after year the number of people using their mobile as their primary internet device is increasing, and you don't want to leave out this chunk of the market. Pick a designer that works well with mobile standards to bring your clients the best possible online experience!

  • Accessibility

    One thing I am very passionate about is accessibility. A user with a significant disadvantage compared to the 'cookie-cutter' model of a user should not have to work twice as hard to access the same content. This is an area oft-overlooked, but it is one that I am keen to push forth. Any user with a disability or a technological restriction should be given the same standard of care as other users, and increasing your customer base is always a plus!

    As a designer, it is my responsibility to ensure that my designs do not lock people out. I keep colour theory at the forefront so that colourblind users do not experience disadvantages, and I ensure that logos, page elements and text areas are not cluttered and confusing. I do not design sites that require too many clicks of the mouse, and I make room in the design for users who want to up the text size.

    As a developer, it is my responsibility to ensure that my development process does not lock people out. I ensure the correct tags are in place for use with screen readers, and I make sure my code is verified to adequate WCAG specifications.